Cologne Christmas Markets

Cologne is an absolute delight when the Christmas market opens.The spirit of Christmas can be found in every corner of this festively decorated city. The small beautifully lighted huts have a variety of goods for sale – crafts, toys and bakeries to name a few and the aroma of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine will invite people to stroll, shop and explore.

There are numerous markets held in Cologne but my favourite is the old Market right next to the Cathedral.In front of the impressive backdrop of Cologne’s landmark, the Cathedral christmas market is beautifully decorated that will leave the visitors enchanted. The lighted decorated alleys have cute tiny shops selling treats, toys and everything that your heart desires. It is not only the kids, but the Christmas spirit can also be felt by the grown-ups.

There are other christmas markets in downtown Cologne and you can easily hop from one market to the other with each one having their own speciality. You can easily spend a day to get round them. There are stage events and concerts too which is worth checking out. Each market has a mug which I took home as a souvenir.

The christmas markets in Cologne attract millions of visitors from around the world. This place is ideal for everyone at this time of the year. Stroll through the Christmas market and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Just don’t miss it!


My Dream Vacation to Switzerland


Switzerland is beautiful country and is a dream holiday for all. The snow-capped mountains, lovely lakes and panoramic views will definitely charm you.The surreal and untouched beauty of Switzerland cannot be described in words.


I have so many beautiful memories of my vacation here back in 2003 with my family; the train journey on glacier express from Mt. Moritz to Zermatt, Junfrau – top of Europe, Zurich, Schilthorn and our camp stay in Interlake to name a few. 


Zurich is one of my favourite cities. We spent two days in Aldstadt which is one of the most charming district in Zurich and has so much to offer. I spent hours in the old town with historic guildhalls and cobbled street and lots of restaurant, cafes and souvenir shops where you can buy the perfect take home gift.


The scenic town of Interlaken will mesmerise you with it’s beauty. There are loads of activities to do here and countless excursions to chose from. We opted for a day trip to Jungfrau. The steep train ride up the mountain offers a thrill of a lifetime. 

The train journey onboard the Glacier Express was a wonderful scenic trip through Swiss valleys. We started in St. Moritz and took the train to Zermatt. The views were incredible with beautiful countryside, hills and mountains, green fields and flowers and pastures with cows and sheep. We loved every minute of the 8 hour journey.

Schilthorn was another highlight of our trip to the Swiss Alps! The cable car, revolving restaurant and James Bond museum was fantastic and the view of the glaciers was breathtakingly beautiful. 


Switzerland is without doubt a paradise on earth! This trip was everything we expected, and more, and we came back with beautiful memories that will remain forever in our hearts. 

Antibes in Cote d’Azur

Antibes is a beautiful city in the French Rivera between Nice and Cannes. The sea facing area with cobbled streets, stone buildings and the Picasso museum makes it an interesting place to visit.

The traditional markets in the old town is extremely attractive and it is so easy to get carried away when wandering the narrow winding streets with cute houses, shops , café and bars. You could easily spend your day exploring the area and its easy to find a nice place to eat given the wide selection of restaurants here. Each and every corner of the old town provides brilliant photo opportunities worth capturing.

Visit the Picasso museum if you are interested in artwork and sculpture. The museum is located in the Palace of Grimaldi with spectacular views of the Mediterranean all around. There are lots of photographs of Picasso here giving a great insight to his life. I am not an art lover but still found  this museum interesting and well worth a visit.

You could also take a stroll at the beach in Antibes. Walking along the seafront and looking at the luxurious yachts was a favourite passtime while I was here.

There is so much to do in this beautiful little french old town. There’s  something for everyone here – very family oriented but also some nightlife. I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful town. It’s a beautiful place with excellent transport facilities to the bigger more popular resorts of Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo making it an ideal location to stay in south of France.

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A day in the life of a Bedouin

My Bedouin trip was a memorable experience to spend a day in the desert. My excursion started with a camel ride in the Sinai desert late in the afternoon.

Camel ride in the desert

We enjoyed the desert scenery and at sunset we got to the top of a mountain and saw the most amazing sunset in the desert with spectacular colours at dusk. 


After a tour of the desert we got to the tent where the people living there were preparing a meal for us. I also tried baking a Bedouin bread by the campfire and after getting it wrong a couple of times, I finally managed to bake a perfect one.

After dinner dance


We had some shisha and after dinner we danced to the Bedouin drums. The entertainment continued till it got pitch black dark after which we were taken further into the desert to a secluded and extremely isolated area where there was a guide with enormous telescopes waiting for us.

The guide was very informative and we got to see a galaxy of stars, some planets and so many shooting stars. I got to learn a lot about the stars and the whole experience was so amazing and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend spending a day with the Bedouin tribe if you are in Sharm el sheikh.

Luxor Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

View of the breaking dawn from the balloon.

We got up early in the morning before sunrise to enjoy the balloon ride. After a short ferry across the Nile, we reached the West Bank where we were to board our hot air balloon.

Beautiful view of balloons floating into the horizon


What an amazing experience we had!  The view from the slowly drifting balloon flying silently up in the air was breathtaking. We could see the Valley of the Kings and the river Nile in the dawn’s early light.

Floating up in the air in the company of other balloons.


Along with the beautiful city landscape we could see other balloons floating nearby into the horizon.

A wonderful experience with an incredible view of the Nile and the city landscape.


To see the sunrise over the Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon was definitely an experience of a lifetime and something that I highly recommend during your stay in Luxor. It was a ride of a lifetime and a wonderful experience and definitely a great way to see Luxor.

Boarding the balloon in the west bank

Evening Victoria Harbour Cruise, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong skyline in all its glory at night

When researching for my trip to Hong Kong I read great reviews about the evening harbour cruise in Victoria Bay. I had booked my evening cruise in London itself. A pick up was arranged on the day of the cruise and I reached the harbour in time. I have seen many skylines and have done a number of evening cruises so kind of knew what to expect and wasn’t overly excited. But I was so wrong! The Hong Kong skyline is one of the best in the world and you can enjoy the best view of it when cruising the harbour.

Glittery, Shiny and Sparkly…

This unique and iconic skyline is extra special when viewed at night specially with the nightly laser show. 


Beautiful evening cruising Victoria Harbour


The small sized cruises offered a cosy atmosphere where you could enjoy a crowd-free experience of the glittering Hong Kong coastline. There were food and drinks offered and the staffs were very friendly and welcoming, ensuring everybody in the cruise were well looked after. I was spellbound with the beauty of this stunning city and appreciate the courtesy of the people over here. I highly recommend to go for the ferry ride and enjoy the impressive view of the skyline and have a fun, relaxing and memorable evening.

Mount Onion Erupts!


Flaming onion volcano

My sister, brother-in-law and I had hibachi here and it was a fun experience. We shared the table with a group of six.The ambience was awesome and the interiors were stunning.

I started off with a Scorpion Bowl which was excellent. Then the chef arrived and the hibachi show started. The chef was entertaining, juggling knives and hurling vegetables. This was my first hibachi experience which made it all the more interesting for me.The highlight for me was when the chef made a volcano of onions on the hibachi grill and lit it on fire. I had never seen anything like this before.

It was a great evening with delicious food and a fun atmosphere. I hope to be back here soon to enjoy the hibachi experience again.

Scorpion Bowl