Luxor Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

View of the breaking dawn from the balloon.

We got up early in the morning before sunrise to enjoy the balloon ride. After a short ferry across the Nile, we reached the West Bank where we were to board our hot air balloon.

Beautiful view of balloons floating into the horizon


What an amazing experience we had!  The view from the slowly drifting balloon flying silently up in the air was breathtaking. We could see the Valley of the Kings and the river Nile in the dawn’s early light.

Floating up in the air in the company of other balloons.


Along with the beautiful city landscape we could see other balloons floating nearby into the horizon.

A wonderful experience with an incredible view of the Nile and the city landscape.


To see the sunrise over the Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon was definitely an experience of a lifetime and something that I highly recommend during your stay in Luxor. It was a ride of a lifetime and a wonderful experience and definitely a great way to see Luxor.

Boarding the balloon in the west bank


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