Magical Lantern Festival, London

Last month I went to the Magical Lantern Festival in Chiswick House and Gardens with my younger sister. I had no idea what to expect but it had been heavily advertised in the newspapers and I was a bit curious to know what it was all about. I booked tickets for two and met my sister after work in Vauxhall and together we made our way to Chiswick. It was cold and raining and a part of me wanted to cancel the plans, but I had already booked the tickets and so we decided to just go ahead with it.

After a short walk from Chiswick station we reached the venue of the festival. The whole place was brightened up with beautifully decorated lanterns. There were illuminated life-sized animals and figures which were beautifully arranged along the lake in the garden. 

Lighted up peacock


A meter long dragon

There was a meter long dragon and illuminated elephants, flamingos, pandas and glowing mushrooms and flowers. The lovely lanterns were scattered along the garden lake and there was a walking tour to explore the picturesque garden trail. 

Illuminated elephants


Glowing mushrooms


At the end of the luminous display there was a market place where my sister and I had a drink. We were glad that we didn’t cancel our plans and even though it was very cold, we did have an enjoyable evening out.


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