Sacred, Beautiful and Peaceful – Mahabodhi temple

Mahabodhi Temple – where Buddha had attained Enlightment.

 We drove to Bodhgaya from Patna and we found the atmosphere to be very peaceful and serene the moment we arrived here.

 The Mahabodhi temple was very beautiful and peaceful. Even though I knew the significance of this temple, I was still amazed to see so many Buddhist devotees visiting this place from all over the world. 

The statue of the Buddha inside the temple was awe inspiring. The Bodhi tree under which Buddha gained Niravana was behind the temple. There were monks praying and meditating around the Bodhi tree. The atmosphere was peaceful and powerful and one could feel the spiritual vibration. 

Entrance was free but there was a charge for cameras. The security was tight but the crowd was well managed. I would highly recommend to spend at least two hours in this temple. Apart from the beautiful sites, there were also workshops and classes which was worth trying.

We were on a road trip and were short of time and only had an hour to spend here. I will definitely come here again with more time in hands and would like to try meditating with the monks and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around the Bodhi tree.


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